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Presentation BVM School
A 21st Century Learning Community!



Students will use technology as an integral tool in their academic development. Technology will be incorporated throughout the school and will be utilized throughout the curriculum. Faculty and students will use technology for learning enhancement, communications, presentations, information management, and research. Technology will support, extend, and supplement teacher-delivered curriculum content and put learning in the hands of the student. Teachers guide their students to discover, collaborate, and understand the world. Students will be active learners.

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Pres is wireless. Throughout the school teachers can use their laptops along with ceiling mounted projectors and SMART Boards:

  • to prepare and implement lessons
  • to enhance the curriculum
  • to provide rigorous and relevant instruction
  • to utilize software and the internet
  • to employ the United Streaming resource
  • to improve communication
  • to access school administrative software


Our students and teachers are fortunate enough to have 35 iPads available to them. We have a cart for storage and charging. All the classes share usage by means of a sign out sheet. Most days competition is really fierce!

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Our networked computer lab has seventeen multimedia computers, network printers, laptop, ceiling mounted projector and a SMART Board. Each student is assigned a log on name and password. Networking affords our students much ease and flexibility while working with files. Internet access is available on all systems in the lab.

Students use includes Microsoft Office, curriculum related software, Google Apps for Education, Google Earth, web 2.0 tools, and various web sites. Many students are utilizing cloud based technology tools. They also access curriculum related web sites, Google Earth, and textbook publishers' web sites.

Each student comes to the lab for instruction at least once a week, per Archdiocesan guidelines. Students then take their skills and apply them in each classrooms computer center.

An Eighth Grade Media Club promotes the further development of students skills, interests, and talents in the area of digital media. Multimedia reports of school events produced by the students are televised to the school community.

Along with technology, there are responsibilities. Please read over and review our Acceptable Use Policy.

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Every classroom is equipped with four computer systems. Starting in Kindergarten all systems are networked and have Internet access. There is a networked printer available on each floor. Students have access to iPads through their teacher's request.

Smart boards are being used interactively in many areas of the curriculum at various levels. The smart boards are used to bring the world into the classroom for true global learning. Classroom computers are used to enhance the curriculum by using Google Apps for Education, Microsoft Office, web 2.0 tools, and various web sites. Many students are utilizing cloud based technology tools. There are many grade specific software programs being used also.

The 21 st century classroom is a global learning community. Teachers guide their students to discover, collaborate and understand the world. Students are engaged learners. The role of technology is to put learning in the hands of the student; it allows the teacher to differentiate and pace the student as they guide them to discover, collaborate, and progress.


Our library is equipped with two multimedia computer systems for research. Several different research programs are available. These systems have access to the Internet and our school network. Our library uses an automated cataloging system. Students can search our inventory of books to find what is currently available via two browsers. The iPads are a very popular tool being used during students' scheduled library class.


Presentation BVM School utilizes technology for increased parent/teacher and teacher/student communication. This access is via Option C, teacher web pages, email, parent notification system, and weekly family communication.

Our students, with the help and encouragement of their parents and teachers, are well prepared for the secondary level and beyond!

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The tech team is a group of parents and faculty committed to keeping our school and students at the top of the technological arena. The team meets on a monthly basis. Meetings generally revolve around the overall technology goals of the school and the plans to help achieve these goals. Planning, fund-raising, grant writing, hardware/software acquisitions, installation/reconfiguration of PC's, and communication are among some of the many items that are discussed at these meetings.

If you are interested in coming to one of these meetings or to help out in any way, please contact one of the team members or email

"As we go forward, our focus may change, but our goals remain the same."

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This is a wonderful source of funds, with no cost to you or school.

Please ask friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to save empty cartridges for you. Your place of employment may be a great source of cartridges.

Please check the list to make certain the cartridges you are sending in are accepted.

If you should have any questions, please contact Mrs. Rocks @ 215-379-3798 or

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Computers for Education

Presentation School participates in Computers for Education on an annual basis.  Slips are sent home requesting completion of names and addresses of family and friends.  We receive points for each completed form.  There is NO obligation to purchase magazines.

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Wawa Certificates

Certificates for a Shortie Hoagie
Cost is $3.50 and may be purchased at the Scrip Office

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