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Rev. William Harrison
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Mrs. Anne Scharnikow
Phone: 215-379-3798

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Fine Arts
First in Math
Honors Math
Spanish Class
Science Lab Learner

Fine Arts Program

Exposes the students to the visual and creative arts so they may appreciate and develop their artistic ability. In weekly art classes students experience a variety of mediums that sparks their creativity. Music classes develop a strong foundation in theory as well the history of music. The program confirms that everyone can raise their voice in praise and joy. Our school choir and award winning band are testimony to the talent and work ethics of the students in this program.

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First in Math Program

A dynamic online program, based on the 24 games, that engages the student and provides them with practice and advancement in their mathematics skills.

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Honors Math

Students in grades four to eight that meet the criteria for the Archdiocesan Honors Math program may be admitted to the program in fourth or fifth grade. The criteria:
  • Consistent scores of 90 or above in math composite on Terra Nova
  • Consistent scores of 80 or above in reading composite in the Terra Nova
  • Cognitive Skills Index in the range of 125 or above
  • Evidence of above average performances on mathematics level mastery tests
  • Consistent mathematics report card grades of 90 or above and teacher recommendation

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Spanish Classes

Offered to students in kindergarten to fifth grade. This introductory program gives the children a basic foundation in a foreign language.

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Science Lab Learner

The science program is a hands-on lab based program that promotes collaboration, inquiry and higher order thinking skills. The students hypothesize and discover the world of science first hand.

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The technology program is an ever evolving tool that the children and teachers use to communicate, investigate and educate. In addition to weekly classes the daily use of technology is an integral part of learning.

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Wellness Program

Encourages strong minds and bodies. In the gym class, the lunch room, the classroom and the school yard our students are taught the proper care and fuel for their bodies. Wellness lessons are taught in gym class, science and even religion class as we care for this gift from God.

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